Welcome to Leisure Management Services

Leisure Management Services (LMS) Pty Ltd was established in 1995 and has since demonstrated itself to be an innovative and vibrant Melbourne based company providing leisure management and operations solutions to a developing customer base. LMS and its subsidiary companies Links Modular Solutions have a combined proven track record of providing value added solutions within government and private frameworks that improve both service and financial outcomes with an emphasis on safety and risk reduction. Existing clients are located in all states and territories of Australia and as well as internationally in the United States, Asia, New Zealand and the UK.

LMS chooses to focus on public facilities that benefit from a partnership approach to develop community resources with specialist hands-on management and support over the longer term. We directly manage a portfolio of leisure businesses in both Melbourne and Sydney, Australia and provide industry wide consultancy, training and software development.

Leisure Management Services

LMS is an innovative and vibrant national Company that provides Leisure Management solutions to clients in all states and territories of Australia

LINKS Software

LINKS Modular Solutions is industry leading facility management software that’s fast becoming the most widely used facility management software program in Australia.

Our Focus

LMS has at the heart of its vision statement the goal of being a leading provider of integrated, high quality leisure management and consultancy services to the industry and major stakeholders. This is further reinforced through the company’s commitment to exceeding realistic customer expectations in service management and delivery and to further develop partnerships of mutual benefit, trust and integrity.

LMS prides itself on being at the cutting edge of family centric service delivery. Local Government facilities under LMS management have consistently been able to increase revenue and patronage compared with past years, whilst improving customer service and reducing risks. This has been accomplished in part by investing in income producing components and innovative programming and marketing that attracts overall increases in the numbers of females, juniors and pensioners participating at the facilities.

  • Introduction of a variety of leisure related programming experiences
  • High levels of customer service
  • Increased customer attendances and high levels of repeat attendances
  • An emphasis on safety and risk reduction
  • Developing and maintaining positive relationships with local communities

Our Facilities